Coatings & Sealers

The Question -What is the difference between a Coating and a Sealer?

-While there may be some disagreements, there are two main factors that we use for determining what is a Sealer and what is a Coating.

The Answer- Coatings rely on "Adhesion"- Sealers utilize "Absorption" or "Penetration" of the material. Mystery solved and we can all go home right?...  (Not just yet) Read further.

Concrete hybrid coatings


Question-What Coating or Sealer is best for my Application?

Now this is where experience and choosing the right professional company pays off. Choosing a coating when a sealer is a better can shorten the lifespan of the product or eventually not protect the surface as long as what was expected. 

Many homeowners choose based on their pocketbooks or often times based on what was done before or a suggestion by some sales staff at a box store or a buddy or friend who is a contractor. We have found that, even the most prominent and experienced contractors sub out this type of work to companies like ours who specialize in Sealers and Coatings. That means that the get the "jist" of what is going on but are not really up to speed on the whys and application of the project. Experience has taught us that they rely on the manufactures advisement (Sales pitch) of what to do and how to do it. This means that they tend to bow under to the best sales pitch by the manufactures rep. We understand this because "WE"(Fast Finish) were one of those successful manufactures representative for 25 plus years for several manufactures, before we became specialty contractors.

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You might have already guessed, that we feel that our 25 years of experience in this chemistry culture gives us a distinct advantage in application. We think that you are right to come to that conclusion. We have experienced a great deal of new technologies and advancements as they were just hitting the market and becoming mainstream. We also like to think that we helped some of them become more mainstream. But enough about the credentials of that...

Coating and Sealer choices are about you! The client. You are now a bit better informed and can make a better decision based on credible information. So what type of finish and look are you after? This will in most cases determine the route to take. YES! there are some choices that will be somewhat equal in the process and can save you money.$$$$  WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT.

You are only one phone call or email away from the best consultation in coatings and sealer choices.    


-Explain the "why" in easy to understand terminology based on your surface and its current condition.

-Explain the "costs" involved in a way that shows short term gains vs. long term benefits on certain type products and surfaces.

-Demonstrate the "benefits" with how it adds value to what you are trying to accomplish on your surface.

-Identify the "good" "better" and best solutions for the situation in regards to a sealer or coating. Most companies have their go to product that covers a wide range and it provides them with better profits as an all in one type of solution. WE do not do that. We utilize the best and offer the rest as alternatives for budgets. Keep in mind that there are some products we wont and dont use. Usually because they are re packaged versions of something else watered down with a different label trying to gain market share. We have your back when it comes to the market being flooded with "Me Too" type products. We understand the compounds and components that make up the chemistry of sealers and coatings and have seen enough success and failures to write a bible on it.