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As Elete Crete Specialist we offer a wide range of coatings for different environments and applications. Some of our most popular and well know serviced coatings in epoxy are garage and trailer floors. Don't paint that floor! Coat it with the best in Epoxy and broadcast flakes for a finish that the box store cannot deliver. Our epoxy mix is industrial strength and is the most chemical resistant available.  Our coatings are 7000psi but have the flexibility to coat even wood flooring.

Epoxy floor example
Garage Floor resurfacing


( DIY )

Here is an example of a typical epoxy floor failure from a DIY, untrained contractor, or poor product materials. Fast Finish installs Industrial Commercial Grade epoxies designed for the harsh conditions that are specific to our Oregon climate. 

 best epoxy flake installers salem oregon

 professional grade epoxy differences

epoxy flake durability floors
Epoxy flake floors for salem oregon
color chart for broadcast flakes

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Do it Yourself vs. Professional Installation

Perhaps, you are a "do it myself" kind of person to save  money. In our culture and economy it makes total sense for a lot of people. I know because I am one of them, when it comes to a lot of things around the house. There is nothing wrong with it at all. The problem is that the materials available for the DIY (do it yourself) type of guy or gal is not always at equal footing with the industrial strength materials available to a contractor. This is especially the case in broadcast chip epoxy floors you find in garages and trailer floors.  Believe me, if they were any good we would spend the $150 on the kit and use them for our own professional installations. We can't because we would have a lot of call backs from unhappy clients and most of the floors we are fixing are the DIY kits the home owner tried on his own.  So we choose to use materials that keep us and the clients happy for a long time.  We had a conversation with another out of area contractor who said they used the box store kits and charged $1200 to their clients claiming easy money?? (WHAT?!!)  At Fast Finish we use only premium time tested materials that continue to make us look like professionals for years to come.

1.0 out of 5 stars Very disappointing, June 27, 2012
Joe Prevete (Roslyn, NY United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Rust-Oleum 203006 Garage Floor Kit, Tan (Tools & Home Improvement)

I had already painted my 2-car garage floor twice in 10 years...the car tires always led the way for peeling throughout the floor....so I followed the prep directions for this product to the letter, scraping off old paint for days and even kept the cars off for the new surface for a full week....well it took only 2 DAYS for the car tires to start pulling up the surface. With the prior two paint jobs, it took several weeks for the paint to peel...I feel I should be compensated for the all the time I put in.....

1.0 out of 5 stars Great for 5 days, then disaster, May 18, 2011
This review is from: Rust-Oleum 203006 Garage Floor Kit, Tan (Tools & Home Improvement)

All was great for five days, then disaster. Floor became sticky and began peeling immediately. Forget putting a car on it, bare feet peeled it up. I can only speculate that good reviews shown here are from Rustoleum reps.



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