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Storm water drains are in every neighborhood. They collect the water that runs down your driveway when you pressure wash. You could soon be fined  if the waste water is not contained properly. What is worse, is if any chemicals or degreasers ("even environmentally safe ones") get washed down the drain go directly into our water ways. The initial impact kills the delicate already  damaged eco-system, then it affects our drinking water. Fast Finish is way ahead of the curve and is developing methods to virtually prevent this from happening with a state of the art re-circulation and capture system. This is a system designed with your health  and safety in mind. The type of company you can stand behind that is also local to the Salem Oregon community.

 We Clean with Safety in Mind!

Proper Cleaning is Safe Cleaning and involves Specific Standards and Expectations to meet values set by the EPA and community. Some things to keep in mind when looking for a pressure washing company.

  • Do they minimize water usage
  • Do they extract the waste that is produced
  • Do they carry proper safety equipment and EPA equipment
  • Do they understand the proper chemical and PH mixtures for different surface types

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 Best Pressure Washing, Power Washing Services for Salem Oregon, Dallas Oregon, Independence Oregon, Keizer Oregon

  1. Tile Roof Cleaning- Moss and mold removal utilizing Hydro-spinners and non -damaging soft wash systems
  2. Siding- Metal, Vinyl, Wood, Fencing
  3. Cement- Patio, Driveways, Carports, Pavers, Retaining walls, Brick, Stucco,  specializing in graffiti and efflorescence removal and re-sealing of the surface
Local Newberg Driveway restoration

Important Pressure Washing Information for Consumers

Pressure washing in Oregon does not require a Contractors License to perform work for you...

What work Does Not require a license?

Some common examples of work that does not
require a CCB license includes:
• Gutter cleaning
• Power/Pressure washing 
 (siding, sidewalks, roofs, etc.)
• Debris clean up
• (yard or construction site)
 (Note: If the work changes to 
 include repairs, replacements or 
 installs, a CCB license is required!


 FAST FINISH is a licensed Contractor Cleaning Company  #199029 and engages in best practices to insure safety and compliance with all laws pertaining to permits and environmental practices to complete our jobs. We feel that this adds another level of security and consumer confidence that is expected within the Salem Oregon , and surrounding communities.

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Pressure Washing Re-Capture System

Powerful Truck Mounted Vacuum & Pressure Washer Waste Water Reclamation System-   

Fast Finish utilizes approved EPA storm drain filters and a powerful truck mounted system to clean areas that require Best Management Practice Plans in Storm Drain pollution prevention. 

 FAST FINISH USES-Permeable Drain Insert aids in compliance of 40 CFR 122.26. to help keep hydrocarbons and sediment from entering drains and the water system.

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Salem's Most Advanced Cleaning System


Most power washing activities are conducted outside.  This often results in the discharge of waste water to the storm drain, unless the equipment operator takes steps to collect and dispose of it legally. Discharge of power washing waste water to the storm drain is prohibited because it contains pollutants from the objects or surfaces being cleaned and/or from the cleaning compounds being used.  Even cleaners labeled biodegradable and non-toxic may be harmful to aquatic life, especially after cleaning various surfaces (e.g. dumpster areas, parking lots, equipment and more) that contain fats, oils, greases, chemicals (such as herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, solvents, anti-freeze and fertilizers), as well as other substances.

Power washing waste water that enters storm drains flows directly into lakes, rivers, and streams. This water is not treated or cleaned to remove pollutants. Pollutants discharged to the storm drain harm fish and wildlife and contaminate recreational sites and drinking water supplies.

Better than Just Pressure Washing


The reason it is better is that we can adjust our system to the right amount of heat and pressure to avoid the damage that traditional pressure washing does to the surface. Pressure washing with just a wand is cumbersome and time consuming. Most pressure washers don't utilize heat so they have to crank up the pressure or add DANGEROUS chemicals to compensate for the lack of heat. Wands also leave a pattern in the concrete or surface that is undesirable, and causes micro fractures to the surface and causes premature wear and eventual cracking.

Other benefits to our method of cleaning is our high powered extraction. We can get around delicate plant life ares that the wand would destroy. The wand simply blows the dirt and grime all over the place causing additional clean up on siding or even additional damage to the surrounding areas. We use high powered extraction system that takes our plant friendly emulsifiers, and creates a desired fertilizer that can be used on the lawn or hedges for the ultimate in green eco-friendly cleaning and efficiency at the customers request.


 Deck Cleaning 

Cedar deck Cleaning

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 Best Results for Pressure Washing

A great deal of time and resources have been dedicated to providing the best in pressure washing performance for Salem, Oregon residents and businesses. Our clients want the best they can get for the least amount spent to do so. Our system is designed to do that with the right amount of heat, pressure, and emulsifiers. There is a balance so as not to destroy the surface while extracting the soils and grime that are imbedded in the pores. To much pressure can damage the surface and most homeowners have experienced the sub par results from basic pressure washers. A professional service that we provide insures the best results you can get while causing the least amount of surface damage.

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