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 Safe Roof Cleaning for Salem Oregon

Safe and effective Roof & House Cleaning for our Salem, Dallas, Independence and surrounding area customers is here! Fast Finish utilizes the best and safest method of cleaning moss, mold and lichen that grows on asphalt shingled roofs. (Also effective on other materials) Our method does not damage the shingles like traditional  pressure washing.   Pressure washers are great tools in capable hands but should be saved for the purpose for which they are designed, and cleaning a roof is not one of them. (Visit our pressure washing services page)

Fast Finish utilizes a revolutionary safe wash system. We designed it as a three step process so that we can insure that the moss and mold won't return easily. And it will never Damage your shingles!


What you Need to Know about Roof Cleaning

Many homeowners are facing Homeowner's Insurance Cancellation because they have moss, molds or lichen growing on their roofs.  Insurance companies can literally force a homeowner to have their roof professionally cleaned to remove moss or have their homeowner's insurance policy cancelled.

However, insurance companies have good reason to force a homeowner to have the moss  and lichen removed from their roofs.  If moss and lichen are allowed to continue to grow, this plant life can cause destructive shingle lifting.  When a shingle begins to lift, it allows water to penetrate the roofs substrate surfaces which can ultimately cause a nasty roof leak.   Additionally, the moss acts like a sponge and keeps your roof and shingles in a constant damp or wet state which will also promote further growth in the form of additional moss, lichen or algae at those areas perpetuating the damage even further.

Having your roof professionally cleaned to remove roof moss can not only insure you do not lose your homeowner's insurance but will also increase your roof's lifespan.  Fast Finish is a certified non pressure roof cleaning contractor, servicing Salem, Dallas, Independence,Monmouth, Woodburn,Jefferson,Stayton, Amity,Silverton,Turner and many of the surrounding areas., We will use only the safest and institute approved roofing manufactures recommended techniques to remove the moss from your roof to return your roof to a like new appearance.This could save you thousands of dollars in roof repairs.

Don't risk losing your homeowner's insurance because of a dirty roof.

NEWS FLASH-Dirty Roofs Raise Insurance Rates!

This local news channel does a story on how insurance companies are wising up to those who don't take care of their roofs. The consequences are a letter to the owners informing them of higher rates or even worse denial of coverage. We are pro-active with this new trend. We believe that fully informed people make better decisions, especially when it involves an easy to remedy preventative cleaning issue that someone like Fast Finish provides...

Bad Roof Cleaning Methods

If you see the pressure washer cleaner on the roof  with a wand, expect that your roof probably just lost up to 25% of its life span, the company might not be a licensed contractor, and more importantly they are not OSHA compliant and are not wearing the correct safety gear to clean your roof. Why is this important? Imagine what other things they are not doing the right way and what the future cost will be to correct the mistakes at your expense!


Save Your Roof From Moss Destruction

Mossy Roofs

In the Northwest, it is inevitable that many of us deal with moss on our roofs.

Mosses are opportunistic, thriving in just about any location where there is access to nutrients and moisture. Mosses spread in a number of ways, but they depend on moisture to reproduce, according to Oregon State University. Some mosses are extremely absorbent and are able to take up nutrients from water that flows over them (for example, under a shady tree where it’s wet and moist). Other mosses take up nutrients directly from soil (i.e. bare patch in your lawn) or substrate on which they are growing (i.e. cedar shake or composite roofs). So it’s no surprise that mosses take hold on our sidewalks, rooftops, driveways, trees, and in our gardens.


Moss Prevention Tips

Moss on rooftops damages shingles, causes water leaks and other problems. Cedar shake and composition roofs are more vulnerable to moss problems than metal roofs.  

Typical Oregon moss on roof


  • Keep tree limbs from touching your house or roof;

  • Trim overhanging branches to reduce shade and falling leaves;

  • Keep your roof clean;

  • Sweep off pine needles, small branches, leaves, which are breeding grounds for moss;

  • Use a garden blower or a broom; don’t pressure wash composition roofs because it’s the quickest way to reduce the life of your roof;

  • Look out for early signs of moss growth, indication by green or black discoloration. Spot treat with moss-killing soap;

  • Consider Fast Finish for a routine treatment system yearly to prevent and prolong the life of the roof.


Easy chart to identify roof types and materials.


Proper Roof Cleaning


Important Roof Cleaning Message

Read This Before You Do anything!

Fast Finish Follows an Oregon OSHA approved Standard to clean your roof. Before we do anything we survey the project. We never assume anything. We check for potential PPE Hazards.  This is why you choose us!

What is a PPE hazard assessment?

A PPE hazard assessment is an evaluation of your workplace that

helps you determine what hazards  employees are exposed

to and the personal protective equipment they need to protect

themselves from those hazards.

An effective assessment should include:

•         The jobs(or tasks) that your employees do

•         The hazards your employees are exposed to and where the

·        hazards are located

•         The likelihood that those hazards could injure your employees

•         The severity of a potential injury

•         The types of PPE necessary to protect your employees from those

·        hazards...

What types of PPE may be necessary?

•         Torso and abdominal protection

•         Eye and face protection

•         Head protection

•         Foot protection

•         Leg protection

•         Hand protection

•         Hearing protection

•         Respiratory protection

•         Fall protection

This often involves the use of a lift or safety devices to prevent falls like a harness that is worn. This adds cost but insures that the job is done properly. There are those who do not comply with this protection and do roofs at a lower bid pricing. We choose to not be one of those companies. We strongly feel that It is not "if" but "when" those types of unsafe (company) practices come back to ruin those types of companies.  There are a lot of companies we have observed in the areas that do not follow the approved method of cleaning as well as the protection.

Fast Finish always does both when cleaning your roof!

We are a green environmental company and use the safest possible products to remove the green you don't want. However, with that being said, there is no product currently that will kill moss and mold , that won't also kill the surrounding vegetation if not properly handled. This is why you should only use a licensed certified roof cleaner like Fast Finish. We use the safest methods and materials in all our work to insure that your roof retains the lifespan for which it was intended.

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